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Fun in Rally
by Zachary Gulaboff-Davis

My name is Zachary Gulaboff-Davis, my dog is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lucy. On August 20, 2006 Lucy and I earned our Rally Advanced Excellent Title (RAE) . We first got our Rally Novice Title, then our Rally Advanced Title and our Rally Excellent Title. Each of these titles requires you to get three qualifying scores of 70 points out of 100. After we got our Rally Excellent Title we had to qualify in Advanced and Excellent Rally on the same day ten times to get the RAE Title. I am excited that I am the first junior handler to get this title. I like Rally very much. Lucy also does obedience, but Rally is her favorite.

In February of 2005 I attended a Rally Obedience Seminar through my 4-H club. We learned about the different Rally signs and how to do them. Right away Lucy and I liked it. In June of that year we went to our first Rally Trial and we got 94 for first place. In less than one year we had our Rally Excellent Title and we started working on our RAE Title.

Rally is fun because you can talk to your dog the whole time that you are competing. Rally goes fast. There are many different exercises so the course is always different and that makes it more fun. Rally is similar to obedience and agility. Almost any dog can do it. You just need to practice the different signs. These are downloadable from the AKC Web site.

If you and your dog are already competing in obedience or agility, Rally Obedience is similar to both of these and will be fun for you to do. If you are not competing in anything, then Rally would be a good way to start. Try to go to a seminar on Rally or have someone show you some of the exercises. Have fun doing Rally!