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by Christine Letzelter

I have been training dogs since I can remember. I started with my mom’s Shepherd in Obedience. Then it blossomed into training my Golden Retreiver in Obedience and Rally just for fun. Now, I train my aunt and uncle’s dogs and sometimes help my friends train their dogs. It’s something I enjoy doing and I’m glad that my mom introduced me to the world of training dogs. I enjoy training dogs because I like having that feeling of being part of a team with the dog. It’s something that gets me relaxed or in a good mood when I’m not happy. I love the ability to have someone (the dog) there who won’t punish or yell at me when I do something wrong, they’ll simply work with you and always be happy to see you.

Currently, I am training three dogs, a Rottweiler named Dreamer, a Belgian Tervuren with the name of Bristol, and an English Springer Spaniel called Spynn. I train Dreamer in Agility and she’s ready for the ring, but I’m still getting everything down. Bristol and Spynn are trained in Rally and they both work quite well, I just started training Spynn last month.

I started training Bristol about a year and a half ago when my aunt asked me to train and show him in Rally. She knew that I had some experience in Rally and that I really enjoyed it. So far, I have gotten a Rally Excellent (RE) title on him and we are currently working on our Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title.