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Our Dream on Getting to Nationals
By Nichole Pike

Nichole Pike & CharleeCharlee – Explosive energy, controlled chaos.

That is how I would describe my dog Charlee. It takes time, patience, and lots of love to train my soon to be 2 year old Border collie. I picked her out of eight other puppies in the litter at eight weeks old. Ever since then I have been training her for the big times, The National Agility Championships.

Training Charlee is very difficult. She is a Border collie the with more than normal Border collie energy. When she gets on the agility course everything in the world disappears except for the obstacles in front of her. She stares down the obstacles just like she would stare down sheep. Her eyes are intense and focused. When she runs through a course it takes a lot of attention for her to listen to me and understand which way to go next. It took a lot of training to maker her know that she can’t go out there and make up her own course but instead listen to me to tell her where to go.

Charlee and I have gotten very far in our training but still have a long way to go. Our dream on getting to Nationals is looking good so far. Ever time we have completed a course I look at her and say to myself, “I have picked a champion.”