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Pet Food Recall -- Helpful Links

Recent News

May 3, 2007 – Menu Foods expands recall. An updated list of all recalled products is available at the company's website at

May 1, 2007 – AVMA says a chemical reaction between melamine and cyanuric acid is suspected of forming crystals and blocking kidney function and may be to blame in pet food recall. Read more at

For the most up-to-date news, we recommend that you continually checking the FDA and AVMA.websites.

General Pet Food Recall Information

On March 16, Menu Foods, Inc. recalled dog and cat foods produced at two of its facilities between Dec. 3, 2006, and March 6, 2007 (since revised to Nov. 8 and March 6), and sold under a number of different brand names. Since then, several other companies also have voluntarily withdrawn products from the market.

Most of the recall involves “cuts and gravy” style wet food, sold in cans and pouches. Some “jerky” style treats have been voluntarily recalled as have some branded and private label biscuits. At this time there is no involvement of “dry” style dog foods.

Many of you have asked us about home cooking your dog's food. The complete nutritional requirements of dogs are complex and any attempt at creating your own canine diet should be done in consultation with your veterinarian. The AVMA offers more information on this topic here.

Information from Individual Companies

Click on the links below for information from the manufacturers about how their products are affected by the recall. In most cases you will find specific brand, batch, and date information about any product recalled—mandatory or voluntary. These sites are being updated regularly.

Additional recalls were recently issued for Blue Buffalo, Canine Caviar, Harmony Farms, Kirkland, Mulligan Stew and Natural Balance. Read more at