Dog Agility - Companion Events

AKC National Agility Championship
Information on the 2014 AKC National Agility Championship.

AKC Agility Invitational and AKC Junior Agility Competition
Information on the event in Orlando, Florida.

Agility World Championships
Information on the AKC/USA Agility Team.

News and Updates
See a listing of Agility news and updates.

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AKC Agility Invitational

Agility Newsletter Sign-Up

Agility Newsletter Sign-Up

There's no surer way to form a bond with your dog than agility training. And there's an added bonus: You'll have a great time doing it!

Agility is the most popular dog sport in the country, providing exercise and entertainment for both you and your dog. You will teach your dog to follow your cues through a timed obstacle course that includes tunnels, jumps, and other challenges. It's an athletic activity for both of you, highlighting your dog's agility and versatility as well as your teamwork and communication.

You don't need to be a pro to get started: There classes and matches for novices and experienced competitors–and every level in between.