AKC’s Canine Good Citizen®

Certificate Customer Service

The AKC CGC Department is very proud of the high-quality, attractive CGC certificates and we get many thank-you letters from participants who are excited about telling us they have framed their certificate and are displaying it with pride.

We try very hard to make sure certificates are perfect the first time they are sent to owners. However, staff enter certificate data from the hand-written owner test forms and sometimes these can be difficult to read. As a result, a small percentage of certificates have spelling errors. If we have made a mistake on a certificate, we will be happy to correct it and re-send. Requests for corrections can be emailed to cgc@akc.org or called in to (919) 816-3637.

Certificates take 4-6 weeks for data entry, processing and printing. Checks are deposited when mail is opened daily, so it may be that your check is cashed before you receive the certificate. If you have not received your certificate and you have been waiting longer than 6 weeks, please let us know by emailing cgc@akc.org or calling (919) 816-3637.