Australian Cattle Dogs Converge on St. Louis Herding Club
March 4th and 5th, 2006

by Carol Delsman

Purina farms was the site for the St. Louis Herding Club's early March trial.  Cold winter winds were a harsh reminder that winter was not yet through with the mid-western site.  These wintry conditions did not detour exhibitors.  Especially not for those hardy Australian Cattle Dog owners who were hungry for beef.  Beef on the hoof, that is. 

  Leslie Allan & Range Rover Rolln' Rolln' Rolln' set up for started sheep run

Traveling from as far away as Georgia and Minnesota or as close as Kentucky and Illinois, exhibitors were thankful for the opportunity to work cattle to show off the talent of their breed.

The St. Louis Club did an outstanding job of providing some of the best cattle in the country.  These young beef crosses were excellent to work. They made sure the dogs knew their stuff and had the power and finesse to get the stock through the course.

Breeder judge, Steve Waltenburg was the sheep judge for Saturday. With 9 Australian Cattle Dogs to choose from, he found his winner. Mary Belle Adelman has been a long time fancier of the Australian Cattle Dog and at age 73 put on a good show.  Along with her 10 year old female Ch. Glendhenmere's Buruki, she was high scoring ACD on sheep for Saturday.

Judge Judy Vanderford left the warm weather of Southern California to brave the brisk conditions.  She searched all morning watching dogs put the cattle through their paces.  With 13 ACD's to choose from, she found her favorite of the day in a red male. Guy Lawrence with Ch. Buzzard's Red Zipper whisked away the title of high scoring ACD on cattle.

Peg Knoch-Casey & Ch Jilaroo Dawn's Early Light take sheep down the center line

As most seasoned trialers know, each day comes with a new set of challenges.  Sunday morning brought in a weather front that promised to chill exhibitors, stock handlers and judges to the bones.  Sitting under blankets on the judges stand, judge Steve Waltenburg called his first dog to the line. 

  Julie Washburn & Plumviews Spiced Frost move cattle along course

Whether it was the threat of the coming storm or just settled nerves the event moved along at a faster pace.  The dogs seemed more relaxed and in tune with their handlers. The race for high scoring ACD was tight and in the end there was tie between Ch Defisja's Jazzy Red Legacy owned by Diana Lemons from the advanced class and Ch.  Glendhenmere's Buruki  owned by Mary Belle Adelman from the started class.

For the afternoon sheep classes, judge Judy Vanderford found her winner in the intermediate class. Range Rover Rolln' Rolln' owned by Leslie Allan took home the honors of high scoring ACD on sheep.

As you flip through the catalog, you can't help to notice the dedication of the owners of this sturdy, sometimes challenging breed.  Well over half the entered Australian Cattle Dogs were breed champions as well as carrying many other titles in agility and obedience titles. This is a virtue worth noting.
Next year?  You bet. With talk of a supported entry these die hards will be back for more.

More Photos

Diana Lemons and Ch. Defisja's Jazzy Red Legacy tie for High Scoring ACD on Cattle on Sunday

Ed Bruemmer and Hillhaven Precious B lue Gem do an excellent pen job on sheep
Guy Lawrence and Zipper take high scoring ACD on Cattle for Saturday
Mary Belle Adelman and Ch Glendhenmere's Buruki tie for High Scoring ACD on Cattle on Sunday and was High Scoring ACD on Sheep for Saturday
Kim Broster and "Donk" set up for the Y Chute