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Grand Championship Points Ranking

Events are processed through April 04, 2014.

This listing displays the rankings of dogs by Grand Championship Points.
Dogs may appear in the rankings for multiple states, based on the residency
of all of the owners of record.

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Grand Champion Qualifiers for the 2011 AENC

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Points Ranking for Bearded Collie Today's Date: April 18, 2014

 Rank  Dog Name  Sex  GCH
No. 1 GCH CH Wigglesworth Thriller Dog 795  
No. 2 GCH CH Dunhill Celebration Bitch 731  
No. 3 GCH CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins Dog 652  
No. 4 GCH CH Daybar Blew By U Dog 474  
No. 5 GCH CH Xtc's What Can Brown Do For You? Dog 401  
No. 6 GCH CH Ha'Penny Deja Aphrodite Bitch 394  
No. 7 GCH CH Aellen Jive Talkin Bitch 356  
No. 8 GCH CH Ha'Penny Mirimar The Fab Fawn Dog 343  
No. 9 GCH CH Woodsong Pandemonium CGC Bitch 309  
No. 10 GCH CH Scott Ragtyme You Are The Music In Me Bitch 299  
No. 11 GCH CH Briarpatch Just One Look BN RA PT NA NAJ NAP NJP Dog 274  
No. 12 GCH CH Daybar For Your Eyes Only Dog 244  
No. 13 GCH CH Dreamchaser Follow Your Dreams Dog 227  
No. 14 GCH CH Lammermuir-Stonehaven My Memories Dog 206  
No. 15 GCH CH Legacy's Chance Of A Lifetime Dog 201  
No. 16 GCH CH Ragtyme Phoenix From The Ashes Dog 200  
No. 17 GCH CH Old Smuggler's Front Runner Dog 199  
No. 18 GCH CH Spiritwood's Gandalf The Blue Dog 194  
No. 19 GCH CH Sweetwater's Pink Ribbon RN CGC Bitch 181  
No. 20 GCH CH Ha'Penny Mirimar Deja As You Like It Bitch 177  
No. 21 GCH CH Brigadoondaybarbelieveitornot Dog 149  
No. 22 GCH CH Dunhill Inspired Roxanne For Stuart Bitch 148  
No. 23 GCH CH Bramley's Green Mountain Boy Dog 140  
No. 24 GCH CH Lammermuir's Flaming Star Bitch 129  
No. 25 GCH CH Highlander Macbean At Burlesque Dog 123  
No. 26 GCH CH Colquhoun's Noble Wizard BN RN Dog 118  
No. 27 GCH CH Colquhoun's King Red Rory Dog 112  
No. 28 GCH CH Woodsong Tangled Up In Blue CGC Dog 107  
No. 29 GCH CH Majela Maiseachd Bancharaid Bitch 106  
No. 30 GCH CH Meadows' Only Time Will Tell CD RN PT CGC Dog 105  
GCH CH Lakewood Forever Cool RN CGC Dog 105  
No. 32 GCH CH Classical's My Turn CGC Dog 101  
No. 33 GCH CH Classical's Magical Meemie CGCA Bitch 100  
No. 34 GCH CH Spiritwood's A Dream Is A Wish Bitch 99  
No. 35 GCH CH Lammermuir's My Teddy Bear Dog 94  
No. 36 GCH CH Ha' Penny Fair And Balanced Bitch 93  
GCH CH Dunhill Dedication Dog 93  
No. 38 GCH CH Aberdeen Who's That Guy Dog 87  
No. 39 GCH CH Friendship's Noblest Aspect Dog 86  
No. 40 GCH CH Dreamchaser Southern Comfort Dog 79  
No. 41 GCH CH Dunhill Blue Glory Bitch 78  
GCH CH Brigadoon Showstopper At Scott Dog 78  
No. 43 GCH CH Talamore Last Comic Standing Dog 77  
No. 44 GCH CH Braveheart Blue Moon Of Dunhill Bitch 76  
No. 45 GCH CH Aellen Blue Persuasion Bitch 75  
GCH CH Papaw Jumpforjoy Of Auldscotia Bitch 75  
No. 47 GCH CH Wildwood Kinikia Nobody's Fool RE Dog 71  
No. 48 GCH CH Spindrift Bend It Like Beckham PT MX MXJ XF T2B Dog 69  
GCH CH Highland's Pillow Talk Bitch 69  
No. 50 GCH CH Farmarens Hey Good Looking Dog 67  
GCH CH Britannia Knock Your Spots Off RA Bitch 67  
No. 52 GCH CH Dunhill Steeler Nation Dog 64  
No. 53 GCH CH Scotdale's Blue Light Special Dog 63  
GCH CH Five Fields Slip Slidin' Away Bitch 63  
GCH CH Briarpatch Kit 'N Kaboodle Bitch 63  
No. 56 GCH CH Dunhill Locomotion Bitch 58  
No. 57 GCH CH Winberlee's It's Me Eloise Bitch 57  
GCH CH Meadows Nothing Like It At Talamore Dog 57  
GCH CH Brandmar's Something Special This Way Comes Dog 57  
No. 60 GCH CH Moonstone Straight To The Heart RN HT Dog 56  
No. 61 GCH CH Briarpatch Look At That CD RE HT AX AXJ MXP MJP Dog 55  
GCH CH Highlander Macgrace Bitch 55  
No. 63 GCH CH Kinikia That's Amore! CGC Dog 53  
No. 64 GCH CH Kinikia You Can'T Fool Me RN OA OAJ Bitch 52  
No. 65 GCH CH Bergerie's Salvador Dahli Dog 51  
GCH CH Highlander Macagatha CD BN Bitch 51  
No. 67 GCH CH Braveheart Twilight Moon Of Dunhill Dog 50  
No. 68 GCH CH Ha'Penny Hixpac First Impression CGC Dog 49  
No. 69 GCH CH Britannia Piece Of My Heart BN RA AX AXJ Dog 47  
No. 70 GCH CH Stonebay Look No Further Dog 46  
No. 71 GCH CH Tseyi Absolutely Delightful Of Meadows Bitch 45  
No. 72 GCH CH Willowisp Never Say Never Dog 44  
No. 73 GCH CH Classical Let's Be Frank Dog 43  
No. 74 GCH CH Wynsum Ode To Joy Bitch 42  
No. 75 GCH CH Briarpatch Top That CD RE PT OA OAJ OF CGC Dog 41  
GCH CH Farmarens Highland Piper RN Dog 41  
No. 77 GCH CH Chaniam Amabella Bancharaid Bitch 39  
GCH CH Pentangle's Forever And Back RN HSAs Dog 39  
No. 79 GCH CH Headline's Upcoming News BN RA HT MX MXJ OF CGC Bitch 37  
GCH CH Avondale Star Dreamer Bitch 37  
No. 81 GCH CH Wildwood Arcadia Chill Factor Dog 36  
GCH CH Merryvale Seasoned Hunter Dog 36  
GCH CH Scott's Gotta Have Heart CD RE OA AXJ Bitch 36  
No. 84 GCH CH Meadows' Imagine That CD RA Dog 35  
GCH CH Highland's Edgar Allen Poe Dog 35  
No. 86 GCH CH Britannia One In A Zillion RN HT Bitch 34  
GCH CH Sherwood Cool Sequel At Summit CD RE PT Bitch 34  
No. 88 GCH CH Highlander He Shoots He Scores RA HT OA AXJ NF Dog 33  
GCH CH High Jack Whatcha Waitin' For Bitch 33  
No. 90 GCH CH Connemara Gracelnds Winner At Bellagio Bitch 32  
No. 91 GCH CH Ragtyme Irreplaceable Bitch 31  
GCH CH Tailwind Papaw Ride 'Em Cowboy Dog 31  
GCH CH Nonesuch Arlin Fawntastic RN Bitch 31  
No. 94 GCH CH Nonesuch Arlin Green 'N Gold RN Dog 30  
GCH CH Motlikru Buaidh Earth Angel Bitch 30  
GCH CH Baileysong He's The One CGC Dog 30  
GCH CH Hillside Spirit Of Christmas Dog 30  
GCH CH Highlander Shall We Dance HT Bitch 30  
CH Xtc's Haley's Second Comet Bitch 30  
GCH CH Brandmar Feature Presentation Dog 30  
GCH CH Winberlee's Back In Black CD RN PT NAJ Dog 30  
GCH CH Diotima's Heartstrings Bitch 30  

This ranking report is based on number of Grand Championship points earned and may include dogs who have not yet completed the requirements to earn the Grand Championship title.