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Online Dog Registration
Online Dog Registration
New Puppy Owner
Register your puppy online using the PIN on your Dog Registration Application.
Litter Owner
Register a puppy in your name using the information from your Dog Registration Application or your confirmation email.
Registration Application Status
Check the status of your AKC registration applications by clicking the link above. If you have received a Customer Reply Form from the AKC, you may be able to resolve questions about your application.

Or, quickly search for a Dog Registration Application by entering the Dog Registration Number below.

Dog Registration Number

Sign up for AKC Online Record Keeping Services to manage your breeder records and litter information.
Attention New Puppy Owners!
Online Dog Registration: Use the PIN located on your Dog Registration Application. If your application does not have a PIN, please complete the paper application and mail it to the address indicated on the form.
Attention Breeders!
Recording New Owner Information: AKC's free Online Record Keeping Service allows you to enter new owner information as well as records for your dogs and litters. Get started today by creating your My AKC account and signing up for the free AKC Online Record Keeping Service.

Registering a Puppy to Yourself: You don't need to wait to receive your puppy registration forms back from the AKC. After you have registered your litter, you can quickly register a puppy online with the information provided in your confirmation email. The puppy will be registered in the names of all recorded litter owners.
Attention all Breeders and Dog Owners!
Online Accounts and Record Keeping Services: Your dog and litter information can be managed online. Create and authenticate an account, add your dogs, and then sign up for AKC Online Record Keeping Services to manage your breeder records and litter information. Try it today!
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Answers to frequently asked questions about registration and AKC paperwork.

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