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Lifetime Achievement Awards 2008
AKC Announces Recipients of Lifetime Achievement Awards

The AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards honor those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of purebred dogs on a national level. The recipients are selected by votes cast by AKC member clubs for nominees in the categories of Conformation, Companion Events, and Performance.

The awards, engraved Tiffany and Co. sterling silver bowls, will be presented to the recipients on Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at the AKC Delegates luncheon held in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, California. A larger version of the Tiffany and Co. bowl, engraved with the names of all recipients past and present, is on permanent display at the headquarters of The American Kennel Club in New York City.

The AKC is proud to announce the recipients of this year's Lifetime Achievement Awards, as selected by member clubs in recognition of their dedication to the Sport:


Damara Bolté Damara Bolté, of Leesburg, Virginia, has been intrigued by animals for as long as she can remember. She majored in Animal Husbandry at Purdue University and spent a winter in Paris studying Animal Sculpture. In 1955 she became the kennel manager for Bettina Belmont Ward's show kennel of Basenjis. She was given Bettinas Fedha, the foundation for Damara's Reveille Basenjis.

While her more than three decades as a supervisory Animal Husbandman at the National Institutes of Health meant handling and breeding on a limited basis, she managed to handle nine Best in Show winners and two Reveille dogs have won the Basenji Club of America's National Specialty. Another Reveille dog was the first Basenji to be named a Pedigree Award winner.

A longtime board member of the Basenji Club of America, Damara is also the current president of Old Dominion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia. She was the AKC GAZETTE breed columnist for three decades and the author of the Hound chapter in The AKC's World of the Purebred Dog.

Damara served on the advisory committee for the AKC Registered Handlers program and is herself an AKC Registered Handler and a member of the Professional Handlers Association. In 2002 she was honored as the first recipient of the AKC Breeder of the Year award in the Hound Group.

Companion Events

Mildred Rothrock Mildred (Mid) Rothrock, of Sebastopol, CA, acquired her first Rottweiler in 1953. She soon afterward joined Marin County Dog Training Club (MCDTC). She showed her dog in both Obedience and breed, putting a CD title on him. Nine Rottweilers have followed to the present time, all titled, including a CH CDX bitch, a CH UDT dog, and a CDX, TDX dog. A Papillon also made his home with the Rottweilers for 16½ years, earning a CDX and a TD.

A life member of MCDTC, Mid served the club in many capacities, including trial secretary, tracking test secretary, trainer, and editor of Paw Prints. Also a life member of Western Rottweiler Owners, Mid served as editor of their monthly newsletter and also wrote a monthly column covering Northern California Obedience activities for Front & Finish.

After discovering the joys of Tracking, she became a Tracking judge in 1972 and added Obedience in 1976. She was among the first to be approved to judge the TDX test.

A nine-year-old bitch took her into the world of Herding and she earned a title from the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA), which led to service on the American Rottweiler Club committee, which successfully petitioned the AKC to have Rottweilers admitted to Herding tests. Her current bitch has both an AHBA and AKC Herding title, as well as a TD.


Dennis Bath Dennis Bath, of Belleville, Illinois, has been dedicated to retrievers since purchasing his first Labrador in 1967. His greatest success was with Lawhorn's Cadillac Mack, with whom he won back-to-back National Amateur Championships in 1979 and 1980. Mack accumulated 218 all-age points, and was inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame in 1992.

Dennis has held every office in the National Open Retriever Club, including two terms as President, and six years as Secretary-Treasurer. He is a past President of the Mississippi Valley Retriever Club, a founder and past President of River King Retriever Club and he acts as Midwest Captain of the Guns for both the National Retriever Club and the National Amateur Retriever Club.

In 2005, he became the only U.S. citizen to have judged an International Field Trial in Europe two years in a row. Dennis is currently President and Editor in Chief of Retriever Field Trial News.

Dennis was instrumental in creating the Nestlé Purina Outstanding Field Trial Retriever Award program in 1985. He conducts judging seminars throughout the country and has judged over 100 Open and Amateur Championship Stakes and three Nationals. In 2000, he was inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame and was further honored when in 2002 the Central Time Zone dedicated the National Open Championship to him.

Lifetime Achievement Awards Nominees 2007