September/October 2004

A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill
Summer is coming to an end. We're all getting ready for the fall, school, new adventures and end -of-year events. The AKC Summer Intern Program just concluded. We were fortunate to have ten interns from all over the U.S. come to work in either the New York or North Carolina offices of the American Kennel Club this summer. Please read the firsthand comments of those who participated in this event below. Perhaps this is something you might consider at some time in your future. You can read information about 2005 internships here.

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Junior Experiences
by Holly Niece
I was not introduced to the dog show world until I was about 10 years old. Before that, my idea of a dog show was our local pet contests, where our dogs would win things like cutest mutt or largest dog. It was not until my mom began competing in obedience competitions with our Golden Retriever that I was exposed to my first dog show.
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A Race Against Fate
by Christopher Matthews
Just like their human counterparts, competition dogs require preventative healthcare and body conditioning. They are truly athletes and their muscles and inner workings must be in top shape enable for them to give you their all.

On an afternoon appointment at the veterinarian's office for gastro complications, I was not prepared to discover such shocking news: my first agility dog, Ace, had hip dysplasia.
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Agility through the Eyes of a Junior
by Annmarie Lyons
All of my life I have always had a great interest in purebred dogs. From my first word being "dog," to being a dog trainer at 18 years old, dogs have always played a huge part in my life. I am so happy to be able to call myself an agility enthusiast for these past 5 years.
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Thoughts on Training & Volunteering
by Kathleen Burns
I am currently a sophomore education major at Wittenberg University. Wittenberg requires that all of their students participate in 30 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. As I was walking around at the Volunteer Fair looking at the different volunteer opportunities a lady called out, "All dog people need to come over here." I was surprised to hear this remark and after talking with her I found out she had seen me at several agility shows and knew me through my competition in the state 4-H dog program.
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Competition Tales
Junior Handlers are active in all types of competition all over the country. Competing in Conformation, Companion Events, and Performance events while juggling school work, family, and other commitments requires a great deal of planning and dedication. This month we have a collection of stories from Juniors who are "doing it all."

Read Agility Stories from Jack Follis, Laura McIntyre, and Caitlin Varhalla.

Read Obedience Stories from Jonathan Grobbel, Dakota Skellenger, and Rori Skellenger.

Editor's Note
Junior Experiences
A Race Against Fate
Agility through the Eyes of a Junior
Thoughts on Training & Volunteering
Competition Tales
Junior Handler Photo Gallery
AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Juniors have until October 5, 2004, to achieve the 5 wins needed to qualify for this year's Championship, to be held January 15-16, 2005, in Tampa, Florida. If you have already achieved your 5 wins, please send your transcript to the Juniors department for complete eligiblity verification.
Rule Changes
The following changes to the Junior Showmanship Regulations will be effective January 1, 2005:

-Minimum age of participation will be 9;
-Classes will be divided into three age group: Junior 9-11; Intermediate 12-14, and Senior 15-18;
-Competition will be required for the Best Junior Handler award.

These changes will allow Juniors closer in age to compete against each other, as well as for more opportunities for success.

AKC Summer Interns
Ten college students gained valuable work experience and greater knowledge of the business of the American Kennel Club in this summer by participating in AKC's intern program. You can read first-hand comments of some of the interns here.

DWAA Writing Competition
The Dog Writers Association of America has announced the rules and entry information for its 2004 contest. This year's competition includes the DWAA JUNIOR WRITER AWARD for writers under 18 years of age. Read the entry requirements here.

Change of Address
Have you moved? If so, please let us know to update your address in the system. We have had several letters of congratulations that have been returned because of out-of-date information. Contact us at 919-816-3776 or email us to update your contact information.

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