Summer 2005

A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill
The AKC/Eukanuba National Invitational is approaching rapidly. As anticipated the number of Juniors who are eligible based on the five wins in Open with competition has greatly increased with the additional class division. To help ease the review process we urge those of you who have 5 qualifying wins to send an official school transcript or equivalent.

Congratulations to all those who received an AKC Junior Scholarship. We received a record number of applications this year, 138. The accomplishments of the applicants both in the sport as well as academically are outstanding. The applicants participation covered all AKC Events in addition to numerous other athletic, civic and involvement in other youth organizations. AKC is proud to offer this assistance to these outstanding young people as they pursue their education and desire to remain involved with purebred dogs and AKC events.

There has been an update to the Junior Showmanship Scholarship Application. Two additional requirements have been added. They are that those participating in companion and performance events are encouraged to have submitted Junior Recognition forms. Many of these are forgotten when submitting for the scholarship. Last, applicant's participation in AKC event holding clubs as junior members or volunteers, or a member of a 4-H group that participates in AKC events are eligible to apply.

If you have any candid shots of juniors at events, please email them with identifications of as many of the individuals as possible.

Mari-Beth O'Neill

Conquering Challenges
By: Kristen Carpenter

Carpenter was born into a dog family, dogs have always been a part of her life, and her dogs are her best friends. She is a twin, but unlike her sister she was born with many medical problems (most are life long) as well as having a speech impairment and multiple learning disabilities. Life has not been easy for Carpenter, but thanks to her dogs it has been a lot better!
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From the Inside
By: Allison Johnston

As a former junior handler Johnston decided three years ago that she wanted to judge the area of the sport that she enjoyed the most. She doesn't judge to make money or gain influence. She judges because she misses juniors and enjoys being a part of the sport. She also believes as a prior junior, she has an obligation to the sport and to the current juniors.
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ISCA National Seminar
By: Emily Bisso

Over the last decade, the Irish Setter Club of America has worked hard to cultivate its juniors program. With the help of club leaders, the ISCA board of directors, and ISCA members, junior showmanship has taken a leading role in the club. Today, the ISCA boasts one of the most organized and thriving juniors programs in the country.
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Experiencing the Reality of Dog Shows
By: Adrienne Hill

The experiences of dog shows can vary from actually showing to getting a chance to be switched with someone who has nothing to do with dog shows, just to support the AKC. In this article, Hill depicts her experiences in athletics, dog shows, and being a part of a show called "Switched!"
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Living it up in the Field
By: James Reiser

The sport of competitive trialing and non-competitive testing of the versatile gun-dog is a unique hobby that has served as a source of pride and fond memories. Since Reiser was born, he has been immersed in a gun-dog obsessive lifestyle. The operation of Shooting Starr's Kennels and the improvement of the German Shorthaired Pointer is a family-wide dedication.
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California Junior Handler of the Year
By: Whitney Meeks

The results of the California Junior Handler of the Year and photos of the crowning event are found here. It was a very successful event.
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The Role of Purebred Dogs in My Life
By: Lisa Toth

Before Toth started showing dogs, she didn't have the motivation she needed to excel in school. She has a learning disability and was always in the LD classes. She was very shy and lacked confidence. She only looked forward to summer vacation and playing softball. Then, she got her first Siberian Husky, Tasha, a pet she got from one of her dad's co-workers.
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Congratulations to Kate Eldredge!
Kate has been involved in many AKC events over the past several years, including conformation, herding, agility, tracking, obedience and rally. Kate also contributes to AKC Junior News as a columnist.

We are here today to honor Kate as the very first Junior to earn a Versatile Companion Dog with her special companion, Flash. We are proud of Kate and Flash for being the very first Junior team to achieve this special designation.

We look forward to Kate's continued participation in AKC events, along with her mom Deb and her brother Tom. Please join me in congratulating Kate Eldredge and Flash!

See photos from this summer.
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Editor's Note
Conquering Challenges
From the Inside
ISCA National Seminar
Experiencing the Reality of Dog Shows
Living it up in the Field
California Junior Handler of the Year
The Role of Purebred Dogs in My Life
Congratulations to Kate Eldredge!
Junior Handler Photo Gallery
San Antonio Seminar
Junior Handling Seminar -- July 15, 2005, San Antonio, Texas.
Presenter: Clint Livingston
Sponsoring Club: Greater San Antonio Owner-Handlers Association
Contact Information: Mary P Vaden - 13515 Beltway, San Antonio, TX 78217,, (210) 655-9762 or 830-980-4294. Website:
There is NO CHARGE for this event; begins 30 min following BIS.
Tampa Bay Showmanship Seminar
The Showmanship Seminar has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 30th (approx. 10:00 am) at the Florida State Fairgrounds Horse Pavilion in Tampa. This is an air-conditioned facility, and crating space will be available for your dog. Read more.
Upcoming RHP Junior Seminars/Clinics
Beaver County Kennel Club -- Saturday Aug 6, 2005
Canfield, OH

Lawrenceville Kennel Club - Saturday August 27, 2005
Junior Clinic - Saturday after junior showmanship judging. In rings that will be provided.

Seminar on Jr. Showmanship Judging -- Early Saturday afternoon. In the rings provided, following junior showmanship.

This information can be seen at under the premium list for this Lawrenceville KC August 27 show.

Monroe, MI- Saturday October 1, 2005
Seminar on Jr. Showmanship Judging and Clinic
Junior Achievement Challenge
The 8th annual JAC weekend will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on August 6th and 7th, 2005. This event is co-sponsored by Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, L.L.C. and the Oklahoma City Kennel Club.

Two days of seminars and hands-on training will be offered. All by Judges, Professional Handlers, Breeders, and personnel from AKC. Read more.
AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
We are looking forward to the 4th AKC/Eukanuba National Champioship in Tampa, January 14 and 15, 2006. Additional information can be found here.

The list of Juniors who have met the first eligibility requirement of 5 wins in Open with Competition is updated every two weeks. Once this semester has ended you may forward your transcript to verify the second criteria has been met. All transcripts must be received by November 18, 2005.
Junior Showmanship Scholarship
The members of the Papillon Association of Puget Sound, Inc. are pleased to support the future education of the Junior Handlers who are participating in the Sport of Dogs. A $250 scholarship certificate will be offered to the Best Junior Handler.
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