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  July 2006
A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill
Summer is upon us and everyone is busy and hopefully keeping themselves and their dogs safe in the heat. The AKC Summer Interns are busy with their projects. Brandi Smith, the Companion Events intern, has developed a survey to obtain additional information about Juniors competing in Companion Events. Please see the article below for the link and additional information.

Information for the 2006 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship may be found here. The eligibility dates for this December's show are: October 12, 2005 to October 10, 2006. The Closing date for the show is November 8, 2006.

Please send your transcripts in as soon as possible to allow us to verify that you have met the second criteria.

News & Events
Juniors in Companion Events Survey
In an effort to better understand the needs and opinions of juniors participating in companion events, the AKC has constructed a survey to be taken by juniors and their parents. The survey touches on many important aspects of our sport, both companion events and participation in general. The survey is open to anyone under 18 years of age, regardless of having a pure-bred dog or not, or whether the dog is registered with the AKC or not. We want to hear from as many young dog enthusiasts as possible so that we can evaluate our current program and make informed decisions in places where our participants feel change is needed.

To access the survey, please click here.

The survey will be open for responses through Friday, July 21st. Questions, concerns, or comments about the survey can be directed to Brandi Smith at , 919-816-3933, through July 20th. After July 20th, please use the e-mail of juniors@akc.org and phone number 919-816-3776.

Wisconsin Top Junior Handler of the Year
Competition for the Wisconsin Top Junior Handler of the Year was held at Badger Kennel Club on Sunday, May 7.

Twelve qualifiers were judged in the preliminaries by Henry (Hank) Williams. He selected 4 finalists to compete.

The four finalists were judged by Beth Speich. The Top Junior Handler, winner of a $1,000.00 scholarship, screen-Printed Jacket, coupons for 37.5 lbs. of any Purina Dog Food, a rosette, Purina Pro Plan Best In Show Jacket, an 8x10 photo offered by Booth Photography, was Rebeca Heimann with her Pug, Ch. WooWoo Heartbreak Hotel (photo at right).

Awards of Merit went to Dylan Kipp with her Doberman, Ch. Toledobes Turblance V Enjoys; Michelle Ahmann with her English Cocker Spaniel, Ch. Carefree's Academy Award CD NA JH RN; and Leah Escalante with her Shetland Sheepdog, Ch. Drumlin's Ardent Ignition. All three will receive a minimum $250.00 scholarship, screen Printed Jacket and a Rosette. All the qualifiers received kennel leads from Purina.

2006 Junior Showmanship Clinic
Tampa, Florida will once again be the place to be for all Juniors on July 29, 2006 for a full day of fun and education about all aspects of Junior Showmanship! This clinic is open free of charge to all Florida youth ages 8-18, and they are invited to participate with their dogs. More information.

Agility with Allie
by Daneka Hedges
Daneka HedgesI stared training Allie, a Papillon, one year two months ago in AKC agility trials mostly in Ohio, but also in the neighboring states. I previously trained a Standard Poodle, Ramsey, in obedience and got involved in agility shortly after. I showed Ramsey in USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) junior program for three years, until we completed our Elementary Certificate, and I retired Ramsey at 11 years old. Now that I had some experience training Ramsey, I knew I wanted a dog that was little, smart and fast. Read more.

The Keepers of the Key: Thoughts from a Breed Booth
by Amber Short
Amber ShortIt was Friday, the day before the show, and I was beginning the familiar pre-show grooming preparations. I reached into the back of the supply cupboard to pull out the gentle shampoo and conditioning oil; lined up the slicker brush, comb, and scissors; and piled up the well-worn “dog towels.” Though it had been a while since my last show, these motions were still routine. I wanted Alfie to look his best, even though we would not be competing this time. Read more.

Tools for Life
by Brandi Smith
The purebred dog world has been an irreplaceable and invaluable part of my life for nearly 20 years, when my family got our first purebred Labrador Retriever. Since then, I have been involved in numerous dog activities, including obedience, junior showmanship, and conformation. Participation in these events taught me many things that are applicable to situations I encounter every day, including academics. As my roles in life have shifted, so have my roles in the dog world, but my interest in dogs has remained a constant over the years. Read more.

A Great Sport
by Ian Walp
Ian WalpAgility is a great sport and a lot of fun for me. I have been going to agility trials literally all of my life. My mom shows in agility and at some point I thought, I would like to do agility also. The appeal to me was having a dog for a team mate and the challenge of qualifying. Read more.

Dedicated to Dogs
by Shannon Wilson
Dog shows have helped me grow as a person and opened me to many life long experiences. Working at shows and the many accomplishments I have had in and out of the ring have helped me realize what I would like my future role in the sport of purebred dogs to be. Read more.

Photo Gallery
See Best Junior Handler photos from shows this spring and summer. Go to the gallery.

Hannah Bevan Shayna Garrison Adam Nash

Upcoming RHP Junior Clinics:
•Saturday, July 29 Tampa, FL Tampa Bay Kennel Club Show (more information)
•Saturday, August 5 - Canfield, OH RHP Clinic
•Saturday, November 25 Springfield, MA RHP Clinic

AKC Code of Sportsmanship
PREFACE: The sport of purebred dog competitive events dates prior to 1884, the year of AKC's birth. Shared values of those involved in the sport include principles of sportsmanship. They are practiced in all sectors of our sport: conformation, performance and companion. Many believe that these principles of sportsmanship are the prime reason why our sport has thrived for over one hundred years. With the belief that it is useful to periodically articulate the fundamentals of our sport, this code is presented.

• Sportsmen respect the history, traditions and integrity of the sport of purebred dogs.
• Sportsmen commit themselves to values of fair play, honesty, courtesy, and vigorous competition, as well as winning and losing with grace.
• Sportsmen refuse to compromise their commitment and obligation to the sport of purebred dogs by injecting personal advantage or consideration into their decisions or behavior.
• The sportsman judge judges only on the merits of the dogs and considers no other factors.
• The sportsman judge or exhibitor accepts constructive criticism.
• The sportsman exhibitor declines to enter or exhibit under a judge where it might reasonably appear that the judge's placements could be based on something other than the merits of the dogs.
• The sportsman exhibitor refuses to compromise the impartiality of a judge.
• The sportsman respects the AKC bylaws, rules, regulations and policies governing the sport of purebred dogs.
• Sportsmen find that vigorous competition and civility are not inconsistent and are able to appreciate the merit of their competition and the effort of competitors.
• Sportsmen welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the sport.
• Sportsmen will deal fairly with all those who trade with them.
• Sportsmen are willing to share honest and open appraisals of both the strengths and weaknesses of their breeding stock.
• Sportsmen spurn any opportunity to take personal advantage of positions offered or bestowed upon them.
• Sportsmen always consider as paramount the welfare of their dog.
• Sportsmen refuse to embarrass the sport, the American Kennel Club, or themselves while taking part in the sport.

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