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  September 2006
A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill
The summer has come and gone with several great days and weekends throughout the country just for Juniors. The day-long Clinic in Tampa the end of July, the JAC in Oklahoma City the first weekend in August and several Registered Handlers Program Clinics were successfully conducted this summer. It is hoped that you take advantage of these experiences when they are in your area. Look for announcements of upcoming Events in the Newsletter or the Seminar Listings on the AKC Web Site.

The eligibility deadline for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship is upon us, October 10, 2006. Entries will close November 8, 2006. If you have met the win eligibility criteria please forward your transcript to be reviewed to meet the second criteria to be invited. Please submit a photo of yourself, school photo preferred, with your entry to Onofrio Dog Show Organization. There will be a luncheon again this year for the Juniors who are eligible for Conformation, Agility and Obedience.

Join a Club
Have you joined an AKC Club? Are your parents or family members of an AKC Club? If you have a club in your area look into joining. Learning by participating is a great education. Learn how a club functions, and what goes into planning an event. Volunteer to help the day of the show, all will be rewarding in the end.

Make Suggestions
The entry fee for Junior Showmanship is determined by the show giving club. By becoming involved with a club you may be able to suggest reduced entry fees for Junior Showmanship as well as being able to encourage your club to support Juniors in all events. The club may also suggest how Junior Showmanship Judging is scheduled to the Superintendent.

By becoming involved you are part of assisting with a positive solution to a situation.

News & Events
Tampa Juniors Clinic: The Dog Days of Summer
by Dr. Mary Burch
Tampa Juniors Clinic“The Dog Days of Summer” had a whole new meaning on July 29, 2006 at the Juniors Clinic in Tampa, Florida. Rapidly becoming recognized as one of the largest and most well-organized training events for Juniors in the country, the day-long clinic hosted nearly 120 Juniors (aged 8 to 18) and their dogs.

Representing the American Kennel Club, Mari-Beth O’Neill and Michael Sauve got the clinic off to a great start with their opening remarks and by outlining the schedule for the day. Throughout the day, O’Neill and Sauve were present to answer questions and serve as resources for parents, future judges, Juniors, and 4-H leaders. Read the full article.

Our Juniors, Our Future
by Janice M. Spence
Mountain Valley ClusterThe James River Kennel Club in conjunction with Roanoke and New River Valley Kennel Clubs host the Mountain Valley Cluster each year for five days the first week of August - during students’ summer break. What better opportunity to host a myriad of events to support, honor and offer help to the junior handlers...our future in the sport of dogs.

This year there was a special event planned each day for the juniors. Events included: rosettes for every class placement awarded on Wednesday; an ice cream social featuring Sydney Good, AKC rep, as a speaker on Thursday; a scavenger hunt on Friday, and backpacks were given to every junior entered on Saturday. The scavenger hunt was significant in that it encouraged teamwork, thinking outside the box and good sportsmanship. By pairing an older junior with several younger juniors they made new friends and the older student could monitor the team’s safety during the event. Read the full article.

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows Junior Achievement Challenge
Junior Achievement ChallengeThis was the 9th year for the Junior Achievement Challenge, sponsored by Jack Onofrio Dog Shows and the Oklahoma City Kennel Club. There were 65 Juniors from seven states attending.

The Saturday seminars started with an orientation meeting with the Juniors held by Tim James, President, Onofrio Dog Shows.

Mary Dukes, AKC Field Rep. held a seminar with the Junior parents on what is available through the AKC for the Juniors. This was well attended and a lot of questions asked.

We had four rings for the Hands On seminars this year, so the Juniors could be split up into smaller groups for more personalized instructions. These were held by Louise and Jon Rawliegh, Tim James, all of Onofrio Dog Shows, Julie McIlwraith, OKC Kennel Club, and Christina Pawtosky, a graduate student of the JAC. Read the full article.

Fun in Rally
by Zachary Gulaboff-Davis
Zachary Gulaboff-DavisMy name is Zachary Gulaboff-Davis, my dog is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lucy. On August 20, 2006 Lucy and I earned our Rally Advanced Excellent Title (RAE) . We first got our Rally Novice Title, then our Rally Advanced Title and our Rally Excellent Title. Each of these titles requires you to get three qualifying scores of 70 points out of 100. After we got our Rally Excellent Title we had to qualify in Advanced and Excellent Rally on the same day ten times to get the RAE Title. I am excited that I am the first junior handler to get this title. I like Rally very much. Lucy also does obedience, but Rally is her favorite. Read more.

by Christine Letzelter
Christine LetzelterI have been training dogs since I can remember. I started with my mom’s American White Shepherd in Obedience. Then it blossomed into training my Golden Retreiver in Obedience and Rally just for fun. Now, I train my aunt and uncle’s dogs and sometimes help my friends train their dogs. It’s something I enjoy doing and I’m glad that my mom introduced me to the world of training dogs. I enjoy training dogs because I like having that feeling of being part of a team with the dog. Read more.

Cecelia and Sage, VCD2
by Cecelia Madsen
Cecelia MadsenIt’s a long road to achieve a VCD let alone a VCD2 with your dog. However, this long and winding road is usually full of exciting and interesting experiences. I began my journey along it in 1999 with a 10-week-old fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy that I named Sage. Read more.

The Magical World of Dog People
by Amber Short
Amber ShortIf you are a junior with parents who are not what we would call “dog people,” you may feel like Hermione from the famous Harry Potter book series, a uniquely talented young person with “muggle” parentage. Actually, the dog fancy is a community not unlike J. K. Rowling’s magical world. It is filled with its own unique jargon, like “gait,” “bait,” and “stack.” Just as Hogwarts students are sorted by the magic hat into their houses, dogs are placed in groups based on their common traits and skills. And sadly, there are some people like the Malfoys who regard a dog’s bloodline as more important than its individual character and quality. Read more.

Photo Gallery
Best Junior Handler photos from shows this summer. Go to the gallery.

Maria Neff Dylan Kipp Jerry Sulewski

Upcoming RHP Junior Clinics:

• Saturday, November 25 – Springfield, MA – RHP Clinic

Junior's Book Featured on DogRead
DogRead is an online book club that features a dog related book each month. In this online venue, we have almost 5,200 readers who can purchase the book of the month at a discount from "Dogwise" bookstore; then the readers have Q & A all month online with the authors. This forum has been around since April of 2000 and each month we feature a new dog author. We have had some of the best dog authors worldwide - many being recipients of DWAA awards.

In September DogRead will feature Kate Eldredge (along with her mom, Dr. Deb Eldredge) a junior who has recently written a book, "Head of the Class: A Teen Dog Expert Teaches You to Raise and Train the Perfect Pal." Kate will be our first Junior author.

Subscribe to DogRead.

AKC Code of Sportsmanship
PREFACE: The sport of purebred dog competitive events dates prior to 1884, the year of AKC's birth. Shared values of those involved in the sport include principles of sportsmanship. They are practiced in all sectors of our sport: conformation, performance and companion. Many believe that these principles of sportsmanship are the prime reason why our sport has thrived for over one hundred years. With the belief that it is useful to periodically articulate the fundamentals of our sport, this code is presented.

• Sportsmen respect the history, traditions and integrity of the sport of purebred dogs.
• Sportsmen commit themselves to values of fair play, honesty, courtesy, and vigorous competition, as well as winning and losing with grace.
• Sportsmen refuse to compromise their commitment and obligation to the sport of purebred dogs by injecting personal advantage or consideration into their decisions or behavior.
• The sportsman judge judges only on the merits of the dogs and considers no other factors.
• The sportsman judge or exhibitor accepts constructive criticism.
• The sportsman exhibitor declines to enter or exhibit under a judge where it might reasonably appear that the judge's placements could be based on something other than the merits of the dogs.
• The sportsman exhibitor refuses to compromise the impartiality of a judge.
• The sportsman respects the AKC bylaws, rules, regulations and policies governing the sport of purebred dogs.
• Sportsmen find that vigorous competition and civility are not inconsistent and are able to appreciate the merit of their competition and the effort of competitors.
• Sportsmen welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the sport.
• Sportsmen will deal fairly with all those who trade with them.
• Sportsmen are willing to share honest and open appraisals of both the strengths and weaknesses of their breeding stock.
• Sportsmen spurn any opportunity to take personal advantage of positions offered or bestowed upon them.
• Sportsmen always consider as paramount the welfare of their dog.
• Sportsmen refuse to embarrass the sport, the American Kennel Club, or themselves while taking part in the sport.

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