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  July 2007
A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill
The Dog Days of Summer are upon us! I hope this finds everyone keeping cool and enjoying fun activities with their dogs if on summer vacation. The deadline to receive transcripts for the second criteria for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship will be here before you know it- so please send in your transcript now to beat the rush. It must be for the last full year of school and received by the AKC no later than October 14, 2007.

Your assistance in your schools and communities in helping to fight anti-dog legislation is appreciated. Please check the AKC Website for updates on how you can be of further assistance. AKC promotes Responsible Dog Ownership and you are the best representatives in your communities. I would be interested in hearing on how you have assisted in fighting legislation that may restrict your rights as a dog owner in your community. Please forward a brief article including the impact you had and the end result. We would also like to hear how you have participated on your local Responsible Dog Ownership day.

Congratulations to all who are competing in AKC Companion and Performance Events! There was a record number of 502 certificates issued to Juniors handling their dogs to titles in these events in 2006!! Keep up the great work and enjoy competing with your dogs!

News & Events
World Dog Show 2007: Mexico City
by Dylan Kipp
After a full day of traveling from Wisconsin, we finally arrived in Mexico City. We went to the hotel for a short while then to the show site, the Las Americas International Exhibition Center (Banamex Center) to watch the opening ceremony. The campus was huge; it was about twice the size of the building used for the shows in Louisville, Kentucky. The opening ceremony was thrilling featuring native dancers, a brief history of the dogs of Mexico, and then followed by a lot of speeches. After the ceremony I explored the campus and tried to find out when I would show. I also had to figure out which dog I was going to show, because I did not bring my own dog. Read more.

by Emily Ballard
My name is Emily Ballard. I am 13 years old and live in Stratford, Wisconsin. My mom and I have five Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds. I have been going to dog shows and field events with my mom since I was just a baby. Momís dogs have earned lots of titles in all the different events that dachshunds can do. When I was little, I would help my mom walk the dogs, but couldnít do much else with them. I liked going to Field Trials the best because I got to help beat the brush with a stick to look for rabbits. Read more.

by Cassie Brock
My name is Cassie Brock and I just graduated from high school. I have been showing dogs in AKC for over three years now and am in love with this sport. I started out showing in juniors with my Australian Shepherd, Blanche, when I was 15. Although my skill level was that of a beginner, Blance was a pro, and together we won twelve best juniors in AKC and ASCA shows. Blanche and I qualified for Eukanuba our first year. Read more.

Dogs Are My Life
by Rachel Halop
Dogs are my life and they always have been as far back as I can remember. Hi, my name is Rachel Halop. I am 19 and I breed, raise, train and show Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds. Having worked with dogs and living with a variety of animals my whole life my plans are to go to college to become a small animal veterinarian specializing in reproduction. Read more.

by Jennifer Holmseth
A world of “Easy Mac”, all nighters (studying), order-out pizza and the “Freshman Fifteen” – images that still put past graduates into shell shock, were what I was told made up the life of a first year college student. As I left my happy home and all that I had ever known – my family, friends, and animals – I would see and encounter many new ideas and thoughts, but what I had learned from my early life, my values and faith, would be with me through it all. Read more.

Grab Life by the Ears TD
by Pierce Humphry
My name is Pierce Humphry and I have a one year old Basset Hound named Grab Life by the Ears TD, call name--Magnum. I had wanted a Basset Hound puppy for several years but tracking wasn’t planned when I got him. I had to do a class because my mom said I had to take at least one class if I wanted a puppy. The reason why I wanted to pick my own puppy is mainly because I could take care of him so he would like me instead of being like the other dogs who love mom the most. Read more.

There's Tons of Fun in Rally
by Tasha Reams
Rally is just a lot of fun. Every dog could do it. I have three dogs and plan on putting Rally titles on each. My dog Wyatt is the second with a RN title and has recently received his first leg towards Rally Advanced. The first time I went through a Rally trial, I walked by a station and got discouraged for a while because I did not qualify. Then I got some Rally signs and started practicing at home and have a wonderful AKC trainer. Read more.

Photo Gallery
Best Junior Handler photos from shows this summer. Go to the gallery.

Upcoming Junior Clinics

• Dixon, CA –Sacramento Valley KC show Saturday, October 27, 2007

• Salisbury, MD – Salisbury KC Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scholarship Recipient's Advice to Other Juniors

“It is more important to be a good sport and carry yourself well than actually winning.” ~ Michelle Ahmann

“Have Fun! That’s why we started showing in the first place.” ~ Elizabeth Berk

“Go out there and have fun!” ~ Cassie Brock

“Remember to have patience because perfection doesn’t happen overnight.” ~ Kelly Corcoran

“Never give up on your dream!” ~ Jennifer Crank

“Have fun and learn as much as you can.” ~ Wyatt Delfino

“Although winning is important, it does not matter if your dog is not having a good time.” ~ Katie Errigo

“I believe it is very important to have good sportsmanship in the ring.” ~ Joseph Esch

“I would recommend that a junior handler find a mentor in their breed and how to handle that breed.” ~ Elizabeth Goodman

“Find an expert in your breed and learn, watch, and listen to everything that mentor has to offer.” ~ Heather Grodi

“Enjoy every minute you spend with your dog.” ~ Kelly Hall

“Never doubt yourself and always do your best.” ~ Rachel Halop

“My advice to juniors would be to have fun” ~ Kristin Heiden

“Always believe you can do anything with your dog; it just takes hard work and confidence.” ~ Jennifer Holmseth

“Ask a lot of questions, older juniors and handlers are very willing to give juniors help and advice.” ~ Zachary Janke

“I would recommend that junior handlers competing today begin with a young dog that they have trained.” ~ Michael Kennedy

“Don’t take it too seriously, have fun and be a good sport!” ~ Adam King

“Showing is supposed to be a fun learning experience.” ~ Anna Kodet

“Try to work with as many breeds of dogs as possible.” ~ Katie Konesky

“Always be open for advice and be willing to learn.” ~ Lindsey Kuhn

“Go out there and have fun with your dog!” ~ Christopher Matthews

“As cliché as it sounds, enjoy every minute of showing.” ~ Nora Nieminski

“The memories you will have of dog shows will not be the wins or ribbons, but the time you spent traveling in the car with your family.” ~ Katherine Peed

“First, find a mentor in your breed to get advice on your specific breed.” ~ Cheslie Pickett

“…you must always face competition with a sense of humor.” ~ Catherine Rivard 

“Approach dog training with the right attitude.” ~ Sierra Schmidt

“Focus on having fun.” ~ Amber Short

“Seek other successful handlers that are willing to act as mentors.” ~ Michelle Skeels

“Watch professional handlers during breed competition.” ~ Derek Stein

“There is always something you can do to get better.” ~ Anders Thoreson

“To always remember that the most important thing is the relationship you have with your dog – and to have fun!” ~ Kathleen Waldock

Read more.

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