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  September 2007
A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill
The final day of eligibility for the 2007 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship is October 9, 2007. Your transcripts and permission slips must be in by October 14, 2007 as the entries close November 7, 2007.

Please make it a habit to check the Judges Book before you leave the show to make certain your win or placement has been recorded correctly. This is just as important for Juniors as it is for breed judging. Upon checking the Judge’s book, which you will find at the Superintendent’s desk, or in close proximity, and an error is found, advise the Superintendent and if the Judge is still on the show grounds have it corrected as soon as possible.

If an error in the Judge’s Book is not determined until after the fact, for example you check the results on the Superintendents website the next week and see the catalog is marked incorrectly, then it is more complicated to correct. You would contact the AKC Special Services Department at Provide the show name, date and the judge. The staff member reviewing the email will pull the Judge’s Book first for review and respond. Staff will assist in making the correction.

If you have a photograph taken of any win please wear your armband and have the correct number for that class show in the photograph.

The best protection for any wins, Juniors or Breed, is to check the Judges Book prior to leaving the show.

News & Events
2007 Florida Junior Jamboree
Juniors with their dogs in tow arrived bright and early at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, Florida on July 21st to participate in the 2007 Florida Junior Jamboree. The Jamboree is a day long event filled with instruction on all aspects of Junior Showmanship. AKC Executive Field Representative, Michael Sauve welcomed all participants to the event with opening remarks. Throughout the day Mr. Sauve was available to answer questions from Juniors and parents. The American Kennel Club gave all participants copies of AKC Junior Regulations and Guidelines, AKC Junior Handler Number request form, Juniors in AKC Events, and Getting Started in AKC Events. Read more.

The Good and the Bad
by Michelle Ahmann
I have shown dogs since I was eight years old. I compete in dog shows on average 24 weekends a year. I have competed in all different facets of AKC dog events, obedience, agility, junior showmanship, conformation, hunt tests, and rally. I also experimented with herding but considering I had a pug this did not work so well. Read more.

Agility Training of the Border Collie
by Deborah Bates
I started the hunt for my very first agility dog two years ago and when I saw Panda, a cute, sweet little six month old rescue Border Collie, my search ended. I got her and started training her within a few weeks. Since Border Collies are without a doubt one of the smartest breeds of dog, training them in agility is rewarding as well as challenging. Read more.

The View From the Doghouse
by Sarah E. Horton
When a dog wags its whole tail fast, it’s usually happy. But if only the tip of the tail is wagging, the dog may be stressed. A slow wag may mean the dog is confused. Is it that important to know these facts? Well, the more you know about how dogs think and the better you can read their body language, the better you will be at training dogs. Read more.

A Note to Juniors
by Sarah E. Kiely
Dear Juniors, Training your dog must be fun!! It shouldn’t be like a punishment, more like a reward. When you train your dog, practice with various distractions, like sounds and/or other people, slowly add other distractions, like other dogs in the picture, but keep your dog focused on you the best you can. Read more.

by Katie Konesky
Ever since I had been seven years-old, I found myself dazzled by the dog show world and the people within it. I thought of it as a big family that had gotten together almost every weekend and enjoyed doing the same thing. I soon became a member of the Golden Retriever Club of Western New York and the Golden Retriever Club of America with my mother. Read more.

Purebred Life
by Nora Nieminski
It's surprising for me to reflect on how far I have come from simply wanting a dog in the house four years ago. When I first decided that I wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback, I never imagined myself participating in dog shows and other competition events. It is cliche to say that a dog will change your life, but my first dog, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Leo, has truly changed and improved my life in every way possible. Read more.

Jazzy & Wink
by Katherine Peed
I can still remember the first time I saw Jazzy. She was the only red-merle in her litter and in my childish mind, that meant she must be special. Within five minutes, my infatuation with Jazzy's color had blossomed into an all out love affair between an awkward 12-year-old girl and a wiggly red-merle Australian Shepherd puppy. Read more.

Junior Training -- The World of Dogs and Birds
by Douglas Pender
My name is Douglas Pender and I am 14 years old. As long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed hunting. It was fascinating to watch hunting dogs respond to their handlers in different ways. I wondered if I could train a dog to the level of Master Hunter. Read more.

The Sport of Dogs
by Cheslie Pickett
I can't imagine a time without dogs in my life. I grew up in with a house full of dogs as my mother shows and breeds Papillons. I started showing in conformation when I was about seven years old, many times I was given unruly and out of control puppies to show. This changed when Stanley & Linda Sohn gave me the opportunity to own and show "Neo", CH L'Ete Cadaga The Matrix, to his championship. Read more.

What Dog Training Has Taught Me
by Sierra Schmidt
When I got my Bichon Frise, Balto, I was only twelve years old. I had little idea what it meant to be a dog owner, and the thought of training a dog to do anything more than sit or down had never occurred to me. Now, as I near my eighteenth birthday, it is hard to imagine a time when running Balto in agility or hanging out and training with my agility friends was not a significant part of my life. Read more.

by Sullivan Valaer
To tell my story of Yukon and myself I will start with the basics. What is Yukon? Yukon is a black Labrador Retriever with the AKC name Queen of Hearts. For my thirteenth birthday my parents gave me a dog bowl and some dog toys. Read more.

My Dog Show Life -- Inside and Outside the Ring
by Kathleen Waldock
Dogs have always been an integral part of my life. My family always had dogs, even before I was born. However, at the age of nine, I was introduced into the dog show world when my family welcomed our first show dog. Read more.

Photo Gallery
Photos from shows and clinics this summer. Go to the gallery.

Upcoming Junior Clinics

• Dixon, CA –Sacramento Valley KC show Saturday, October 27, 2007

• Salisbury, MD – Salisbury KC Saturday, November 10, 2007

• Springfield, MA – South Windsor KC, November 23, 2007

Awards Reports Available For Download

Juniors can now download their awards report from the website for free. To review their record Juniors must complete the "Report Auth Code Request." Juniors must know their Junior Handler Number in order to complete this request as well as have a My AKC account. Once this request is completed, the information will be verified and an authorization code will be e-mailed to the Junior.

With the authorization code, Juniors will need to log into their My AKC account (or create one) and click on the Account Management link. At the bottom of this page is a link allowing Juniors to add their Junior Handler Role to the account. Once this has been completed by entering the authorization code and agreeing to the terms of use Juniors will be asked to verify their information and click "Save & Continue". At this point Juniors can click on the Kids/Juniors link to generate the report or click the in the "My Junior Services" section of the My AKC account. You will then be linked to the Kids/Juniors page where you can generate your win record.

Should you find any discrepancies or have any questions please call the Juniors Department at 919-816-3776.

This Month's Contributors

Michelle Ahmann
Deborah Bates
Sarah E. Horton
Katie Konesky
Nora Nieminski
Katherine Peed
Douglas Pender
Cheslie Pickett
Sierra Schmidt
Kathleen Waldock

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