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  January 2008
A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill
Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy happy 2008.

Coverage of the Juniors from the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship is included in this Newsletter. Special thanks to the AKC Gazette that sponsored the luncheon for the Juniors and to Oster, Take the Lead, AKC/CHF, Proctor and Gamble for the support of the goodie bags. Information about the 2008 AKC/National Championship is already available on the AKC Web site. Staff will begin to update the list of Juniors who have met the first eligibility requirements by the end of January.

You are reminded that the Junior Showmanship is an amateur class. Complaints will be investigated.

The AKC Junior Scholarship Application is downloadable from the AKC Web Site. Completed applications with a school transcript must be received by February 20, 2008.

Those who have aged out who may be looking for something to do this summer, please consider the AKC Summer Internship Program.

News & Events
Where it All Started:
Junior Handling and the Westbury Kennel Association

The sport of dog showing originated on the East Coast, specifically on Long Island, Westchester, New York and Southern Connecticut. Thus, it was only natural that Children’s Handling Class would also share its origins here. The first recorded Children’s Handling Class was held at the Westbury Kennel Association show on Long Island, New York in 1932.

Read more.

by Zachary Gulaboff-Davis
I got Lucy when she was three years old and it was the fourth place that she lived. Lucy was over 40 pounds and had not been groomed in a long time. The next year we started dog 4H. We did showmanship, obedience, and agility. Read more.

by Sophia Patterson
I am Sophia Patterson and am 12-years-old. I have been training my aunt’s border collie, Rip, in agility over the past year. Initially neither Rip now I knew what to do on the agility field. It looked so simple from the sidelines, but I quickly learned this was a team sport, not just a way to have fun with your dog. Read more.

by Rae Ann
Hello, my name is Rae Ann. My Cocker Spaniel, Lilly is six years and I am twelve. We recently completed our Rally Novice title, and in October we will be heading to Canton, TX to hopefully attain a leg on our Rally Advanced Title. When Lilly was four years old we began our first beginner obedience class at a dog training center in the town where I live. Read more.

Dog Training is a Great Sport
by Tasha Reams
My name is Tasha Reams, I am 14 years old, and I think that there is no better sport than dog training. I started doing AKC Obedience and Rally trials in June, 2006, and had my dog’s first CD title by November, 2006. Just recently my English Springer Spaniel, Mya, earned her CDX title. So far Mya has earned 4 titles, her CD, RN, CDX and RA. Read more.

Photo Gallery
Photos from recent shows. Go to the gallery.

Upcoming Junior Clinics

• Saratoga Springs, NY – Saturday, February 2, 2008

• San Jose, CA – Saturday, February 16, 2008

• Wichita, KS – Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Live in Dog Showing
A Poem by Christopher Cho
Is this where you live
I live here on Best Junior Handler Street
My friend lives on Best in Show Avenue
Ribbons fall on me like rain on other folks
My Saint Bernard and I are as good as can be
She is as alert as a sphinx
She always has a lot of energy like a fueled up car ready to race around a track
I got skill where other juniors got luck
I trot my dog around the ring like somebody else be trotting their dog at Westminster
I live in dog showing
Live in it
Love it
Can’t live without it
Wear ribbons on my fingers
They’re so full of pride
Hold yourself in dog showing

This Month's Contributors

Christopher Cho
Zachary Gulaboff-Davis
Sophia Patterson
Rae Ann
Tasha Reams