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  January 2011
Happy New Year!

The AKC Eukanuba was once again a great success with over 200 Juniors being having met the criteria to participate. You are to be congratulated on you academic success as well as your success in the Juniors ring. The Junior entry continues to be the largest in the show and we are pleased to be able to offer the Juniors dedicated grooming space as well as the large rings followed by the celebratory luncheon on Sunday.


The Sport of purebred dogs avails those who to participate to so many wonderful opportunities. First being the interaction with our beloved four legged companions. It is rewarding to see so many of the Juniors actively involved in the care, conditioning and presentation of their dogs, this being our first reward. Next is the comraderie of the fellow exhibitors which develops into life time friendships.

Having been fortunate enough myself to grow up in the sport, I can tell you that the friendships ones makes in our sport will support you through the rest of lives challenges. It is important to remember that the day to day competition is just that, one judges decision on the day. Learn to be objective about yourself, your dog and its strengths and weaknesses as well as to appreciate the skills of your competitors and their dogs virtues. Today you may be the winner, and tomorrow you may not place, the judging of Juniors and dogs is subjective and based on the individual judge's priorities.

Regardless of the decisions that are made, it is important to respect the judge and your competitors, remember, tomorrow is another day. Be polite, congratulate the winners, and be gracious if you are the winner, but most importantly thank those who have helped you participate in AKC Events.
Best Junior Awards
Often the show photographer offers a photo of the Best Junior win as an award at the show. If you have been a recipient, have you thanked the photographer for their generosity either in person or in writing? If not please consider doing so! Also, feel free to forward your photos to include in a future Junior eNewsletter to juniors@akc.org.

Another safety reminder, whether at a show or at home or on the internet, please be careful about speaking to or communicating with people you do not know. Please make an adult aware if anyone approaches you on line to meet at a show or another venue that you do not know personally.

Caroline Bruton

I became involved with Junior Showmanship because my older sister, Sara Bruton, showed in juniors. When she was learning how to show I watched and also learned from Jennifer Alston Pahl. When I was old enough to show (then the age was 10) Jenn encouraged me to show in Juniors. I quickly received my three Novice Junior wins with my mom’s Golden Retriever “Mikey”. Read more.

Heather Dahlin
I am Heather, a 16-year old dog enthusiast who participates in several dog sports with the AKC. At our town’s last responsible dog ownership event, I shared my personal experiences living with my wonderful dogs, and promoting purebred dogs. I own a relatively rare breed, the Ibizan Hound as well as Greyhounds. The many events my Ibizans and Grehounds have participated in include a booth at the Meet The Breeds event, junior showmanship competition and Lure Coursing competition. Read more.

Lindsey Kuhn
My name is Lindsey Kuhn, I have been showing dogs since I was ten years old. Through dog shows, I have found my passion. I hope that I can always be involved in showing dogs whether it is through breeding, handling, judging, or working for a company related to dogs. I have been fortunate enough to have a successful career in juniors and in conformation. Read more.
Christopher Long
My name is Christopher Long. I just turned 13 in August 2009. My dog’s name is Muddy River Uncle Buck, or as I call him Bucky, and he just turned 3 on tax day 2009. Bucky is an English Springer Spaniel that came to live with me and my family when he was about a year old. Read more.

Photo Gallery
Photos from the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and AKC National Agility Invitational. Go to the gallery.

Upcoming Junior Clinics
•Brooksville, FL
Clearwater KC
Saturday, January 22, 2011

•San Jose, CA
Santa Clara Valley KC
Saturday, February 19, 2011

•Seattle, WA
Seattle KC
Sunday, March 13, 2011

•Charlotte, NC
Piedmont KC
Saturday, April 09, 2011

•Valley Center, CA
Mt. Palomar KC
Saturday, May 21, 2011

•Freehold, NJ
Plainfield KC
Sunday, May 29, 2011

•New Castle, PA
Trumbull County KC
Sunday, May 29, 2011

Upcoming Junior Seminars
•Judging Jr Showmanship
Denver, CO
Rocky Mountain Cluster
February 19, 2011

•Judging Jr Showmanship
Louisville, KY
Kentuckiana Cluster
March 19, 2011

•Judging Jr Showmanship
Valley Center, CA
Mt Palomar Kennel Club
May 21, 2011

Contact Kathy Caruana at kac1@akc.org or (919) 816-3862 for more information.

Junior Certificates for Hunt Tests
If you are participating in Hunt Tests with a dog that has a title higher than you are running, please contact us for your Junior Certificate. Since the dog has already earned its title the system does not recognize the accomplishment. The Junior must be the handler of record for all qualifying scores leading to the title in that event. The American Kennel Club will acknowledge any Junior who successfully completes a title.

You can email juniors@akc.org with the below data:
Dog Registration Name
Dog Registration Number
Junior Handler Name
Junior Handler Number
Mailing Address

Featured in this Issue

Caroline Bruton
Caroline Bruton
Heather Dahlin
Heather Dahlin
Lindsey Kuhn
Lindsey Kuhn
Christopher Long
Christopher Long

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