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  October 2011
A Message from Mari-Beth O'Neill

Congratulations to everyone who has met the five win requirement for the AKC Eukanuba National Championship! This is a reminder that transcripts must be received in the North Carolina office no later than October 25, 2011 along with the signed permission slip to release information to Onofrio Dog Show Organization.

We greatly appreciate the participation of Juniors with articles and photographs. If you are interested in writing about your experiences or a special event in which you participated, please submit to juniors@akc.org. We also appreciate receiving photographs of Juniors competing or just hanging out at AKC events. If you have a camera and enjoy taking photos, please forward with information about the show or event.

If you have moved or your address has changed, please remember to change with the AKC. It is necessary for you to change your address in our system or we can not reach you. Please submit changes to juniors@akc.org.
Facebook Announcement

Facebook logoWe now have a Facebook group for our Junior Handlers! In addition to posting news and event updates, we hope this will be a way for Juniors across the country to connect, whether they compete in Junior Showmanship, Companion or Performance events. If you know a Junior, feel free to share the link. If you are a Junior, please join us!

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Eric Blanker
Eric BlankerMy name is Eric Blanker and I am a thirteen-year-old boy who likes to play sports. My family has nine dogs total: eight Siberian Huskies and one Newfoundland. Freya is my dog and she is a Siberian Husky. We train together in Rally...

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Marisa Melo

Marisa MeloMy name is Marisa Melo and I live in Mount Shasta, CA. I'm eleven years old and a 4.0 GPA student in sixth grade. I would like to tell everyone a little bit about my favorite thing to do, which is training Labrador Retrievers to run in AKC Hunt Tests...

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  Anna Schneider

Anna SchneiderIn 2008, my dog, Bruno (ILP # 156129), and I earned a CD title through AKC. We went on to complete training through 4-H In Utility Obedience. In August of 2009, Bruno graduated from Utility class with a passing score. It was just in time...

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Mary Schroeder

Mary SchroederThis year I received an AKC Junior Showmanship Scholarship. I was so excited to be chosen for this honor. The sport of purebred dogs has had a great influence in my life, and I know that I will continue to participate...

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 Victoria Self

Caitlin VarhallaA dog lover from my first breath, it was inevitable that, as I got older, I would develop a way to express my adoration for the canine species. I chose the path of dog training (or rather, at first, attempted dog training). I have since been able to...

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Caitlin Varhalla

Caitlin VarhallaMy name is Caitlin Varhalla, and I will be an incoming freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire this Fall. Shetland Sheepdogs have always been a part of my family. I have participated in the AKC Junior Handler program since I was 10 years old...

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Getting to Know You

1. As a Junior, what
    recognition have you
    received? Of these
    honors, which are you
    most proud?


2. What is your favorite


3. If you could go anywhere
    in the world, where
    would it be?


4. What other types of
    sports do you and your
    dog enjoy?


Calling all juniors: we would love hear from you! Your responses will appear in future newsletters and will remain anonymous to protect the innocent if requested. :-)
Send to juniors@akc.org

Junior Showmanship Seminars

• Ridgefield, WA
  Vancouver KC
  October 29, 2011
• Fitchburg, MA
  Framingham District KC
  November 13, 2011
• Concord, NC
  Speedway Classic of the   Carolinas
  November 19, 2011
• Orlando, FL
  AKC/Eukanuba National   Championship
  December 18, 2011
Contact Kathy Caruana at kac1@akc.org or (919) 816-3862 for more information.

Upcoming Junior Clinics

For more information, contact Susan Judge at smj@akc.org or (919) 816-3590.
• Fort Wayne, IN
  Northeastern IN KC
  Sun., November 6, 2011
• Concord, NC
  Greater Monroe KC
  Sat., November 19, 2011
• W. Springfield, MA
  South Windsor KC
  Fri., November 25, 2011

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