February 2005

Fanciers Tackle Breed-Specific Legislation in 2005

2005 is already shaping up to be a busy year for the American Kennel Club, fanciers, concerned dog owners, and other groups who work to oppose breed-specific legislation (BSL). With a myriad of local BSL ordinances pending across the country and the recent introduction of S247 in Oklahoma, S188 in New Mexico, and H78 in Georgia, the Canine Legislation department needs your help! (For more information on these bills, please check "Around the Nation", below, or visit our Legislative Alerts page) .

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ARIZONA - Rep. Nelson's H2302 increases penalties for animal cruelty. The bill adds requirements for necessary food, water, shelter and basic care. H2302 was referred to both the House Committee on Natural Resources and the House Committee on Rules.

- Rep. Downing is sponsoring H2489, a bill that establishes animal fighting as a Class 5 felony. The bill further provides penalties for training animals to fight, holding a fight on premises, or attending a fight. H2489 was referred to the House Committee on Judiciary and the House Committee on Rules.

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The Council of State Governments (CSG), an organization that monitors state legislation and works to educate state leaders with about emerging trends and issues impacting their constituents, recently adopted a formal resolution opposing the use of the term "guardian" in reference to animal ownership. The resolution further opposes legislation that allows for owners to recover non-economic damages for the loss or injury of a pet, livestock or other animals. Read the resolution.

Those of you who subscribe to our Legislative Alerts service are already aware of the many hot issues that are springing up all over the country. I'm pleased to say that, as quickly as AKC can get the word out about these measures, the fancy has been equally swift in their responses to our calls to action. Your early preparation and attention to these issues has paid off, with several negative bills being struck early in the session. Legislators may still be settling into their new offices, but the dog fancy appears well-organized and informed. Keep up the good work!

Stephanie P. Lane
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