January 2008

Editor's Note
2007 can rightly be characterized as one of the busiest years in recent memory for canine legislation activity. Every member of the purebred dog community knows of the months long battle against AB 1634, the California mandatory spay/neuter bill. While AB 1634 was the most of visible of negative canine legislative initiatives in 2007, the Canine Legislation Department and our constituents in numerous states and localities contested bills and ordinances that threaten the right to own and breed dogs responsibly.

2008 promises to be an even more active year on the canine legislation front with the anticipated return of CA AB 1634, the introduction of statewide breed specific legislation in Minnesota banning the ownership of five AKC registered breeds, the continued consideration of breeder’s bills in multiple states and renewed battles against breed specific legislation in scores of jurisdictions across the United States.

The staff of the Canine Legislation Department wishes all of you a healthy and prosperous new year.

Walt Bebout, Director
Sarah Sprouse, Manager
Phil Guidry, Legislative Analyst
Melissa Allcox Ferrell, Research Coordinator

2007 Year End Review
Despite having been filled with challenges, 2007 has proven to be a year of success for the Canine Legislation department. Countless numbers of fanciers, concerned dog owners, Legislative Liaisons, federation members, and policy makers across the country worked with the department to achieve mutual goals.

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2007’s Major Moments in State and Local Legislation
CA AB 1634 –Californians faced a major challenge this year in fighting AB 1634. This legislation would have required the mandatory spaying and neutering of all dogs and cats over the age of six months, with limited and expensive exceptions. The department identified and contacted over 100,000 dog owners and AKC breeders in California to get them involved in the fight. For the first time, the AKC also hired a local lobbyist to assist us and also conducted our first state-level lobby days. The response from fanciers and concerned dog owners was tremendous. More letters were received about this bill than any other before the Legislature this year and we overflowed the committee hearing rooms at every opportunity.

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Proclaim Your Support for Positive Canine Legislation!
The AKC Canine Legislation department announces the debut of our “I Own A Dog & I Vote” products. We are offering both a lapel pin and a large car-sized magnet. The funds generated by the items will be funneled back into the Canine Legislation Department Support Fund, enabling the department to do additional outreach, education and effectively promote legislation that supports responsible dog ownership. These items are available in the AKC Online store.

Walter R. Bebout, Director
Sarah Sprouse, Manager
Phil Guidry, Legislative Analyst
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